20 June 2014

Friday Freebits; six paragraphs from Mystic Mountains
Settlers Book 1

Don't you love Fridays. 
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     "Just a minute," a calm level voice ordered.

     Malloy turned to face the tall fair-haired man who strolled towards them.

     He had yellow-gold eyes, Isabella noticed; eyes the like of which she'd never seen on any man. He was tall and broad-shouldered, with narrow hips. But her eyes were drawn to his handsome face, with a nose that was straight and elegant, a wide brow, a firm chin.
     His strong legs were encased in breeches. He wore knee-high boots and his white shirt, open almost to his waist, showed a V of brown flesh covered with golden hairs. The sun glinted in them, making them sparkle. He seemed to be surrounded by a glowing aura and Isabella shook her head slightly to rid herself of the impression the man was a golden god. There was a vitality and arrogance about him that made every other man in the area fade into insignificance.

     "What you want, Tiger Carstairs?" Malloy snarled. 

     No mistaking where this Tiger had acquired his nickname. With that mane of hair and his eyes, he bore a striking resemblance to a wild animal. At this moment he looked like a lion about to pounce on his prey. Every woman in the line had turned to watch him.


"It is always a pleasure to read a Tricia McGill novel. Her characters come alive before your eyes and her ability as a wordsmith paints a picture you can see. I am already looking forward to another book from her." Mary Richmond

"I really loved this book (previously published as Blue Haze but re-published as Mystic Mountains). It was like Pride and Prejudice...ooops, I mean Arrogance and Obstinacy, meets the Thorn Birds in 1818 Australia. I love realistically flawed characters--perfect romance H/h's are such bores--and both of these were so realistically flawed, the way their life experiences from their past hard-scrabble youth carried over to lead to inappropriate and sometimes foolish judgments in their present was so well developed into the plot of this book." Janet Orosz-Kindle  five stars 


  1. I really liked this book, Tricia. Something about tough territory reminiscent of our American west makes this a great read, with well developed characters in a story that is both heart wrenching and uplifting.

  2. Hi Tricia,
    Another great story from you.



  3. Thanks Kathy and Margaret for taking the time to visit.

  4. An inviting six -- I want to know what happens next.