31 December 2011

The animals who have shared my journey.

I've had many animals in my lifetime, some have been more precious than others. Horses and dogs especially have featured in more than a few of my stories. Here are some of the main characters who played a part in my journey.
Peggy, my very first dog
Kim, my toy poodle. My husband gave her to me soon after our marriage. This was her first litter and we kept one. Susie and Kim accompanied us to Australia.
Gemma, the sweetest mutt you could meet. Unfortunately she had diabetes and didn't stay with us long.
Abby, the gentle one, with Twink, the only cat who owned us.
Abby again with Bindi, a true Aussie dog, part kelpie part heeler.
Jessie, part chihuahua, part terrier. She took Bindi's place in my heart after my husband passed away and only died earlier this year.

Candy and Baz, my latest. As you see I haven't gone for purebreds since my poodles but have adopted most of my dogs from the local shelter. 
Another Kim, this one a thoroughbred who brought me much joy and won a couple of races before being retired to stud.
Kim's first born, a filly.
Her colt, not too good on the racetrack so became an event horse.
Pippin. The last pony I owned before my bad back forced me to give up riding.
Tammy, my mare, and perhaps my favourite.