7 December 2017

A short excerpt from Amethyst

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Love comes in many guises. Although Amy cares for Tony, and in the small country town where they live they are considered a couple, Amy still carries a torch for Tony’s older brother who spurned her adolescent avowals of love. When Andrew returns home, now a wealthy, prosperous man, Amy’s whole world is in turmoil. Because of his rejection in the past, how can Amy trust this man who proposes to settle down in the small town he walked away from years ago? Amy has no doubt that he will soon long to be back in the bustling world he has become accustomed to in the city, and is determined to keep her head and not let her heart divulge its secrets this time around.

“With refreshing characters and a well-written storyline the reader is immediately drawn into a family at odds with each other. Amy is a believable character who is often confronted with so many obstacles; she is often faced with much anger. Andrew’s sexy charm transcends through the pages and he is a likeable person. Ms. McGill does a good job in creating a friendship that begins in the early years and lasts into the later years with strong feelings that are sometimes hard to let go as real issues ensue. I liked her comment about the magic ingredient that marriage needs. She creates a hometown, adds some delightful main characters, then blends some secondary ones into a storyline that often rings true to make this one irresistible read with emotions that dance through the pages. This is a story that this reader thoroughly enjoyed and comes highly recommended.” Reviewed by: Linda L

After tidying her hair in the rest room she took her place behind the counter, greeting her fellow tellers and other staff members. Barely had she sat down when Tony strolled in. The Bowen boys were both strikingly handsome, dark and tall. But where their looks were similar their characters were miles apart. Tony was happy-go-lucky, everybody’s buddy, and carefree, while Andrew was inclined to be brooding and serious, enigmatic some might say.

Leaning casually on the counter in front of her window, Tony grinned. “Morning, Amy, you beautiful ray of sunshine.” He gave her a mischievous wink as he handed over his bank book. Amy knew exactly how much he earned, and how much he saved out of his earnings. His open honesty was one of the many endearing qualities he possessed. Why wasn’t there more of a spark between them? If only she could lust after him as she did his brother. But that charismatic spark just wasn’t there.

She’d be an idiot to turn down someone so trusting and trustworthy though, wouldn’t she? Knowing everything about your partner should be a perfect foundation for marriage shouldn’t it?

“Hello, Tony.” She sighed as she took care of his banking. It was only as she handed back his book that she realised he wasn’t looking her way. In fact his attention seemed to be riveted on Samantha Robinson, who was paying an inordinate amount of attention to her money drawer, even though she’d already tended that before Tony arrived.

“Coming to watch practice tonight?” Tony turned back to look at Amy.

“How could I not?” She gave him a grin. “The town’s star player starts practice for the new season. Every female within a hundred kilometre radius will be there.”

“You reckon?”

“How could we resist watching you all cavort around in those shorts of yours?” Amy chuckled.

“Did you know Andrew’s back—for a short stay?”
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