25 September 2016

Kate’s Dilemma—Challenge the Heart Book 3: Physical attraction can sometimes bring its share of problems.

Kate’s Dilemma is currently on countdown US & UK. Get it now for 99c.

“This story takes place in and around the Australian seaside. This beautiful backdrop seems to come alive with the lovers’ emotions; storms and sunny days reflect their own journey. Tricia McGill creates stories that are fondly remembered for their strong characters, this is another one you must not miss.”    Naomi at FAR

What happens when two people who are both of the same mind—this being to steer well clear of emotional entanglements—are struck down by instant attraction.
Kate last met Liam when she was bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding. A gangly, uncertain fourteen year old, going through the painful problems associated with growing up, she took an instant dislike to Liam, who made fun of her. When her recently widowed sister talks her into reluctantly accompanying her to her brother-in-law’s home, which was built by its owner, architect Liam, Kate falls in love with the house and, unfortunately for her, finds that she soon has corresponding feelings for the man who owns it.
Meanwhile, Liam cannot believe that the tall, insecure teenager he met at his brother’s wedding years ago has blossomed into this beautiful, talented woman. His inbuilt antennae that had served him well, stood every chance of being annihilated if he didn’t watch out.

And here’s a snippet:

Liam couldn’t believe it. Talk about an ugly duckling turning into a swan. Her snub nose with its sprinkle of freckles was all that saved her face from perfection. The combination of auburn hair and tall lissom figure must attract men wherever she went, yet she was blushing like a schoolgirl, as if unused to male attention. Wide eyes were watching him with wariness at odds with the luscious fullness of her mouth. The dress she wore graced perfect curves, a slim waist, and full breasts.

The beauty she’d become stunned him. This truly magnificent creature, he surmised, was totally unaware of the effect she had on people. At a good five foot eight, she was above average height and moved with the grace of a ballerina. And those large luminous eyes were something else.

Viola told them, on one of her visits, that her sister’s looks had set many a male heart thumping. Liam secretly scoffed at that—but now could see exactly what she meant.

He backed off at the look that came into her eyes, his inbuilt bachelor’s antennae going into action, when she murmured, “Why thank you,” flashing him a brilliant smile that sent his libido into over-drive. “Viola was very sick, as you know, and this break will do her the world of good. I gave up my flat to stay with her, and she wouldn’t come without me.” Her shoulders lifted in a shrug and the small movement entranced Liam. There was an innate grace about everything she did, be it moving a limb or a lip. “It was nice of you to invite her.”

Liam grinned at that, not missing the way her eyes settled on his mouth. Could she be as stunned by her reaction to his every move as he was by hers? “I have had many epithets bestowed on me in my time, Katie, but nice has never been applied to me before.”

Her mouth curved in a soft smile.

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11 September 2016

My Time-Travels, Wild Heather Series: The Laird Book 1 & Travis Book 2 are both on countdown and can be yours for 99c each for a short time.

The Laird:
 Andrew, a wealthy Australian architect, takes life too seriously, whereas his PA Elizabeth is outgoing and fun-loving; a perfect foil for her sombre boss. She is passionate about Celtic lore and language. With great reluctance Andrew answers a plea from his two elderly aunts to travel to Scotland before his uncle dies. He has no desire to visit the land his father left under a cloud many years ago, but Liz persuades him to take her along.
In the draughty and dilapidated castle, while exploring a disused attic, the pair set off a course of events that propel them back in time to 1050 where they meet Travis, coincidentally Andrew's double.

“I enjoyed every minute of this book. Tricia McGill perfectly pulls the reader back in time along with Andrew and Liz, describing the castle and its inhabitants in such detail they fully come to life. Andrew’s aunts, Tilda and Kitty, are gems whose unsolicited advice made me laugh out loud! The dialogue in this story is one of its strongest features, and coupled with an intriguing plot it is a winning combination.”  
Marlene FAR 4

Short Snip:
Suddenly the door opened wide.
He blinked as light streamed in. Before them a wide staircase led down to a cavernous hall. Immense soot-laden beams held up a ceiling of what appeared to be tightly packed straw, and the walls were timber pylons reinforced with mud or clay.
A fire roared in a fireplace large enough to roast a whole cow. Two large soot-encrusted pots containing what smelt like some sort of stew hung over the fire. Peat blocks were stacked up at one side of the hearth and enough wood to keep a fire going for a week was piled up on the other side.
People sat around on stools or rough wooden benches. It was impossible to estimate at first glance how many there were. Everyone stopped talking at once, and a sudden eerie silence filled the hall as they all gazed up at them.
Liz crumpled in a heap at Andrew’s feet.
“Liz, for heaven’s sake!” Andrew went down on his haunches beside her, pulling her into his arms. The boy who’d opened the door stood with his mouth agape, staring at them as if they were apparitions.
A giant of a man slowly lifted himself from one of two throne-like chairs that flanked the fireplace and, taking the steps two at a time came to tower over them, mouthing words Andrew couldn’t understand.
“I’m sorry, but you’ll have to speak English.” Andrew wondered how he’d managed to get the words out, as picking Liz up, he went down the stairs and looked about for a soft place to set her down. The man followed him, and then faced Andrew, his hand on a deadly looking dagger-type weapon that was thrust through his belt.
The only likely place Andrew could put Liz was on a wide bench. It didn’t look much more comfortable than the floor, which was strewn with heather, lavender stems and rushes. As Andrew set Liz down he glanced up. The man’s scowl was ferocious as he scratched at his dark head.
His mass of thick black wavy hair reached past his shoulders, and his beard was just as black. He babbled on in the same strange tongue, and the rest of the crowd began to mutter and whisper, moving closer and doing little to disguise their almost childlike curiosity.
The Laird is available HERE. Travis HERE


Beth Anderson travels to Scotland to help her Australian friends, Liz and Andrew, renovate the dilapidated castle he inherited from his uncle. Beth shares Liz’s passion for all things Celtic and knows the ancient language well. Liz tells her an unbelievable story of how she and Andrew were swept back in time to 1050, to a hostile world, where Andrew saved the life of Travis, his ancestor, a lovable rogue.
Beth decides to explore the castle attics and unwittingly discovers their method of time-travel. But the Travis she meets is a changed man, now driven by revenge and set on annihilating all his enemies. He has too much violence and bloodshed to contend with and has no time in his life for another woman from the future. Despite this a great love grows, a love that must overcome many obstacles before reaching its conclusion. In Book 1, The Laird, we met Travis, his family, and his clansmen in Book 2, Travis, we are reunited with them.

"Multi-published author Tricia McGill does it again! You can’t help but fall in love with her Highlander chief, Travis, the masterful clan leader in 1051 Scotland from her previous book.
Even without running water and central heating this time-travel novel will make you wish you could be transported back into Travis’ castle… for a good, old fashioned candle lit romance. If you’ve ever fallen in love with a man in a portrait painting, that’s what happened to Beth." JoEllen Congar

Short Snip:

"What is it about ye women from the future that makes ye faint at the sight o' me?" a deep voice questioned in Gaelic as she opened her eyes.
She was on the ground again, this time with one of his arms about her shoulders.
"How do you know I'm from the future?" she whispered, staring into familiar eyes. Similar eyes had stared out at her from the portrait. There was no hint of mischief in these eyes though. They looked forbidding. She should have stayed unconscious.
"Ye wear the same garment Beth wore when she departed." He touched the collar of the cloak, his brow furrowed.
"Beth? You mean Liz?" Groggily she pushed him away and sat up on her own. He went back onto his haunches and stared hard at her.
"Elizabeth is the one we speak of. Aye, that's the one. Did she send ye back here?"
"Send me..." Beth let out a laugh. "No, believe it or not, I did it all on my own. I can't believe this." She put a hand to her temple and pressed.
"Oh, I believe it all right. Ye women seem to have the knack of flitting through time as a normal woman would walk the forest."
"I..." Beth moved away from him. His masculine scent filled her nostrils, despite the aromas of bracken and earth. He smelled of the outdoors, sweat, and wildness. A tantalizing combination.
Pushing the tangle of hair back, he stood and strode away a few paces. Hands on hips, he took a few deep breaths, then turned back. There was nothing of the mischievous rogue Liz told her about. This man was frightening, his eyes as cold as the snow on Mount Everest.
"I went up to have a look at the cloak and badge after Liz told me about how she and Andrew were swept back to your time last year. I was just curious. Don't ask me what happened but—" She shrugged and spread her arms. "Here I am. But don't worry, I'll just rub this badge as I did before and get tossed back."
As she bent to do just that he moved with the speed of a panther and stilled her hand. "No! Seeing as ye're here, ye might as well stay awhile. I have a yen to learn how Beth is faring."
"Why do you keep calling her that? Her name's Liz. I'm Beth." She eyed him warily. His hold on her arm was like a manacle. If she was truthful she had to admit he terrified her. He was so big. Beth felt small for the first time since she'd been about ten and started to spring up.
"Ye're Beth? Ye don't say? Well, here's a strange turn of events." Finally he released her, but his look was penetrating as he stared at her. "Are all the women in yer time called such?

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4 September 2016

Travis (Wild Heather Book 2) Time-Travel back to the rugged Highlands of the 1050s

“This is a wonderful book.  Tricia McGill is a wonderful writer. The heroine, Beth, is such a sweet character who is fully embraceable and the hero, also wonderfully written, is a man of honor all the way.  If you enjoy suspense, action and a great romance this is a must read.” 
Lisa at Romance Junkies

While visiting Scotland to help her friends renovate their dilapidated castle, her friend Liz tells her how she and Andrew were swept back in time to 1050, where Andrew saved the life of his ancestor, a lovable rogue. Beth discovers their method of time-travel, but the Travis she meets is a changed man, now driven by revenge. He has too much violence and bloodshed to contend with and has no time in his life for another woman from the future. In Book 1, The Laird, we met Travis and his clan, in Book 2, Travis, we are reunited with them.

She must have passed out. This was the only feasible answer to the feeling of flying helplessly through that vortex. Between the hurtling sensation and the blackness, all she could recall was the cold. And it had been freezing when that strange wind blew up.

“Come on, be practical.” She stood and slapped at her sides. She’d always been level-headed. Boring and unimaginative, that was Beth Anderson. She steered away from the answer that was emerging, crying out to be heard.

“No. I’m still near Liz and Andrew’s estate. As soon as someone comes by I’ll prove it.”

With a definite nod of the head Beth looked about, trying to get her bearings from the position of the sun. What time could it be? It was just after ten when she left her room after donning the thick sweater. So, depending on how long she’d been in this strange state, it could be anywhere between ten thirty and eleven. The sun wasn’t quite at its height, which proved she was more or less right. It was streaming in her window this morning, which meant the castle had to be...

Beth turned about. This was so stupid. How on earth could she work out which direction to take? A city girl didn’t have to worry about such things. There were street signs in the city and always someone to ask for directions. Here she was surrounded by trees, the few cattle, and bracken. As she pondered which way to walk, the thundering of hooves disturbed the tranquility. Thank the lord. Beth breathed a sigh of relief—now she’d find out where she was.

A hand shielding her eyes, she faced the rider.

A giant of a man rode one of the biggest horses she’d ever seen. Black flowing hair streamed out behind him, and he rode as if all the devils from hell were on his heels.

As he neared Beth saw that he had a beard as black as his hair. He wore some sort of strange garment, like a philabeg, the old Gaelic version of a kilt. A claymore hung at his side, and leather strapping bound his calves.

It was Andrew.

Relief flooded her. Why hadn’t Liz told her he was taking part in a highland pageant? She laughed out loud as he saw her, and lifted her hand to wave.

He skidded the horse to a standstill. It was then, as the man controlled the wild, panting beast, Beth recalled something Liz told her last night. Andrew wasn’t a good rider. Her throat dried up, and she couldn’t swallow. The rider stared at her as if she was a ghost just risen from the earth. His mouth worked but no words came out.

Some sixth sense told her exactly who this stranger was.

“Travis.” A hand covering her mouth, Beth whispered the name hoarsely. Dizziness swamped her, and vaguely she heard him use a Gaelic curse before she toppled into oblivion.

“This flashy, spirited woman and her big, hunky Highlander have completely captured my heart! Their chemistry and sizzle fires up the pages and kept me glued to it from start to finish…one for the keeper shelves, as I am sure that romance readers everywhere will agree with me once they read it.” Kristal Gorman Romance Readers at Heart

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