27 June 2014

It's Friday again

and time for Friday Freebits

This week I'd like to share another six paragraphs from part one of
Remnants of Dreams
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"What a nice man," Fiona said as she put their cups and saucers in a bowl and poured the remains of the hot water over them.

"Nice? He probably got himself wounded on purpose so he could get out of serving in the front line," Alicia retorted. She knew she was being spiteful, but couldn't help herself. She wanted to hurt someone

"Allie! What a thing to say."

Alicia fumed. Why had her Arthur wasted away at the front while that man had spent all the war away from the trenches? Why was he alive and vital while Arthur's bones were rotting under the muck in that distant place? What right did he have to be alive and breathing while Arthur was gone forever! 

Tears gushed from her eyes. They splashed on Arty's face and he screamed at her distress. Blindly she thrust him at Fiona before rushing from the room. She took the stairs two at a time, then pushed open the door to the back yard, slamming it against the wall as she ran out into the junk-cluttered space behind the shop. Stopping by the pile of old chairs and cupboards stacked along the fence, she howled like a banshee, her face lifted to catch the spots of icy sleet that fell. Sobs racked her until she felt drained and arid. She hiccuped a few times as they subsided.

Alicia came to terms with her loss in the following months. Their dad always stressed they should get life in perspective. At least she had her son. Lots of women had nothing but a few paltry memories to remind them of their lost men. The heavy burden of grief lifted. Alicia began to get on with her life.

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  1. You write strong emotions and all the conflict that goes with them well.

  2. I agree with Rhobin. Great post, Tricia.

  3. Chiming in with echoes of commenters past :-) Yes, indeed a lovely excerpt, Tricia. I can't wait to read more of this.