23 January 2015

A Dream For Lani-Beneath Southern Skies Book 2


My  fabulous new cover for A Dream for Lani. 
Book 2 in my Beneath Southern Skies series, contemporary romances set in Australia.
Coming soon from Books We Love Ltd.
Lani Moore has led a sheltered life, cared for by her
strict elderly aunt and uncle. On their death Lani inherits
a considerable fortune. To get away from the man after
that fortune Lani flees Sydney for Victoria, where she
opens a boutique in a suburban shopping mall.
When she seeks a property on which to keep her
beloved horse, she enlists the help of local property agent
Ryan Bachus. Entranced by his two children, hoodwinked
into taking a small flat in his house, she revels in the
charm of sharing life with a close-knit family, something
her lonely heart has never known. But lies and deceit
interfere and her new found happiness is shattered.
Lonely Pride-Book 1 in this series is available on KINDLE