9 August 2015

A Sunday Snippet from Distant Mountains--Settlers Book 2

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Even in the prospering colony of New South Wales, it would be far-fetched to think a convicted man could consider marrying the daughter of a wealthy property owner.
But Remy has larger problems to contend with than Sara’s bigoted father. Forced to leave the woman he loves behind, Remy faces overwhelming odds and an ordeal that threatens to strip him of everything; his pride, his strength, his health—even his life.
Sara has many struggles of her own and when Remy finally thinks he has a future with Sara within his grasp, he is sent to a place where pain and suffering are everyday occurrences. Will the lovers ever find true happiness?

“I ain’t a gentleman, Sara. I’m a convict, plain and simple. Does that bother you?” Sitting beside her, he pressed his thigh to her skirts. She didn’t move away, although her look said she was slightly shocked.

“No, it doesn’t bother me. Unless, of course, you intend to act like one and be brutish. What did you do to get transported?” she asked.

Rem shrugged. “Same as most. Not a lot. Pinched food to help my family. Most convicts are just like me, ordinary men and women charged with transportation for petty crimes.” The memories, dulled in the past year, resurfaced. “Papa died in prison, our mum died the year I was sent out here, and one of our sisters died of starvation and the cold.” Rem grimaced as he remembered the awful winters they had to endure; winters with no food, no heat, and the threat of disease a part of their everyday existence.

“How sad.” She seemed genuinely appalled by his plight. “So is Bella all the family you have left?”

“No. We have another two sisters and two brothers still in Stepney, although Carlos, the eldest, will more than likely end up here soon. Likely the others will too eventually. It’s the way of things. A fact of life.”

“Carlos? What a foreign-sounding name. Why would your brother be named such?” Her limpid eyes turned on him inquisitively.

“Our papa was Spanish.” Her eyes widened, and Rem quickly asked, “Does that bother you?”

“Bother me? Why no.” With a careless flick of the hand, she said, “But it does surprise me. Although it shouldn’t really, for your sister’s name, Isabella, is Spanish, is it not?”


“And now that I look at you closely I can see you do have the appearance about you unlike most of the English men here in the colony.” Her gaze roved over his face. He sincerely hoped she liked what she saw.

“And is my different look distasteful to you?” Rem knew he was seeking compliments from her, but couldn’t help himself. How he yearned for her to be as entranced as he was by everything about her.

“Distasteful? Why of course not.” Leaning closer, she said in a husky tone that set his pulses to racing and his heart pounding at a fierce rate, “You're extremely handsome of face. But I expect you’ve been told so by countless women.” With a sniff, she looked swiftly away.

Rem chuckled, feeling ten feet tall. “A few have assured me I’m not ugly. In truth, you’re the first to tell me I’m handsome,” he lied. “And I can’t say how much it pleases me to know you admire my looks, for I must tell you that I find you the most entrancing woman on earth. You’re beautiful, clever, witty…”

“Stop.” With a laugh, she held up both hands then tapped him on his knee. “You’ll turn my head with your compliments.”

“I only speak the truth.” Rem bent his head to whisper near her shell-shaped ear, “I love you with all my heart. And when I’m out of my term and a free man; then I’ll ask your father for your sweet hand.” He placed a kiss on her knuckle, and a tremor raced over her skin. He hoped it wasn’t just the cool air causing it.  He hoped she was as enamored of him as he was of her. “Will you wait for me?”

Her eyes widened at his impudence, but he knew without being told that his words captured her interest. “What nonsense. How can you speak of love, Remy? You’ve only just met me. How can you possibly have such strong feelings for me on such a short acquaintance?”

“Love knows no boundaries, of time or place. I’ll feel the same fifty years from now as I feel at this moment,” he swore with fervor, cupping her chin with his palm. Strangely, he knew his words were true. He had felt a strong attraction for a few women before, but nothing like this all-encompassing devotion that seemed to fill all his senses.

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Another amazing, well researched story from the pen of award winning author, Tricia McGill. I have read several of her books, and can honestly say I have never been disappointed.
Remy spends time in Bathhurst and Sydney, New South Wales. Also the convict settlement of Moreton Bay, where severe punishment and cruelty are rigorously enforced to break not only a convict’s body but also his spirit.
Add to the mix, Sara, the daughter of a wealthy but bigoted land owner. Against all odds Remy and Sara fall in love, but can they overcome the many obstacles in their path and get their happily ever after ending?

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  1. Makes me want to read more! Great snip Tricia. Shared.

  2. Margaret says it all in her comments. Great snippet, my friend. But then you're a favorite author for a reason.

  3. I love Tricia's Australian--another frontier, but the same harsh mother country, and so many challenges to face these faithful and often parted lovers! A tasty sample.

    1. Well that was "Australian stories." It's a strange shore to this American reader in search of adventure.

    2. Thanks for stopping by, Juliet.