10 July 2017

A Call Through Time (Time-Travel)

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The Lord of Castlegrove Manor, heir to a vast fortune, is a studious History buff who loves reading about the years following the Roman occupation of Britain. Dissatisfied with running his extensive estate, a distraction from Bart’s boredom is his erotic dreams. No woman but his dream lover will ever offer him the satisfaction he craves.
During one of these dreams Bart wakes up miles from his comfortable existence and in the year 450AD. When he comes face to face with Haesal, he knows instantly this is the woman who has shared so many of his heated fantasies.
Most Celts have fled west to escape invaders from over the seas. Haesal and her brother have been captured by an evil barbarian and Bart comes to realise that his mission is to rescue them and return them safely to their home in Cornwall. Haesal’s belief in shapeshifters and the fairy folk helps her better understand the sudden appearance of this handsome stranger in her life who claims to have a deep knowledge of her. But can the love they find with each other survive through time and treachery?

“Tricia McGill spins an adventurous tale that is full of rich history and a deep and profound love that spans lifetimes. I really enjoyed the travels and the gentle love that blossoms… Tricia McGill's writing style is warm and inviting with lots of great research woven into the story. The characters were believable and the plot well thought-out with many surprises. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves romance and love.”
Maria Desrosiers, eBook Reviews Weekly

“Perhaps this is the way of things in your world. But I can only follow my conscience. I must do as my destiny and fate guide me.” She lifted her chin in appeal.

“In my time women disregard what is considered the right and proper way to pander to mankind. They have ideas of their own. Most live fulfilled and interesting lives, yet still remain feminine and desirable.”

“I have much to learn about your world, as I will try to teach you about the ways of mine. It would be perfection to imagine that some magic exists that would bind us together forever. Our ideals are so far apart; and perhaps we will never agree. But we will explore this further, after we have rested. For now I bid you a good night.” She stood, patting her skirt into place.

He murmured her name as a plea, but she shook her head and he knew he was being dismissed. As he reached the door she called his name.

“Yes?” He turned back, hopeful of a change of mind.

“Thank you, for everything. For my life,” she said, and he let out a sigh.

“You have nothing to thank me for. I answered your call, as I would have done had you called to me from across the universe. This is my destiny. And it is entwined with yours, you’ll see. Goodnight.” With that he left her.

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