2 August 2015

Sunday Snippets--This week another snippet from Remnants of Dreams

My snip this Sunday is from one of my earlier Books We Love books, Remnants of Dreams. This book will always hold a special place in my heart for is based loosely on my mother’s life. She passed her strength and resilience on to all her five daughters and five sons.

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Remnants of Dreams moves through the horrors of WW1 and WW11 to the 1990s, and paints a picture of a changing world and of working class people in North London whose only riches are love and the knowledge that they did their best.

Alicia’s indomitable spirit sustains her and her large family through war, illness, death and loss. From her mother’s example Sara finds the courage to escape an intolerable situation and forge a new life in a new country.
Previously published as Traces of Dreams this book won the Romance Writers of Australia's mainstream Romantic Book of The Year in 2003.

"If you think this is a predictable novel you will miss not only a sweeping story of joy and sorrow, triumph and tragedy, but also an amazing overview of the century seen through a family saga. Tricia McGill takes a bold step into mainstream fiction with this book that flows like a gentle stream on the surface, but conceals a strong undercurrent and unexpected depths." Mary Allyce 
Sometimes in the dead of night, while Fiona and Arty slept, Alicia stared sleeplessly at the ceiling, wondering why Mathew hadn't made a move to touch her. Perhaps she was reading far too much into his visits. He was probably more interested in her pies and cakes than in her.

She began to have the oddest yearnings. What would it feel like to have his strong arms around her? He had a mobile mouth and expressive eyes, and she had a strong desire to feel that mouth on hers, to experience a man's kisses again. She often flushed with shame at her wayward thoughts and wondered secretly if she'd inherited some of her mother's wantonness. No, she'd simply been without the attentions of a man for too long, that was it.

Fiona was seeing her young man regularly, and Alicia wondered if her sister was beset by the same wanton urges when Fiona admitted quite openly, "I wish Jimmy would propose to me. He says he loves me and there's no other girl for him, but he hasn't popped the question yet."

Alicia could only hope Jimmy wouldn't take advantage of Fiona's blatant adoration. She tried to tell her sister to dampen her enthusiasm, but Fiona was too wrapped up in her romantic notions. She wasn't in the market for cautionary lectures.

The heat was oppressive towards the end of July and Alicia began to feel frazzled as August came in on hot winds. Then one day in mid-August it was cooler than it had been for weeks. Alicia felt quite light-headed as she made her way home from the factory with her daily batch of sewing.

"Days like this me and your dad would go to the park and feed the ducks," she told Arty, who gripped her hand.

"Did you take stale bread, Mum?" he asked, grinning up at her.

"Mm," she agreed, her heart lurching. When he smiled he was a replica of his father. Memories flooded back, so clear she could almost see Arthur walking there with them, alive and handsome, his face lit with that same endearing smile. She sighed. "Wish I'd brought the old pram," she said when a twinge shot up her arm. "This bag's heavy."

Alicia let go of his hand and put the bag down so she could massage her cramped fingers. Arty skipped ahead, laughing, as she called out, "Come back here, you little blighter."

As she bent to retrieve the bag a shadow fell across the pavement. Alicia began to smile, thinking it was Mathew. But the smell that assailed her wasn't his, and she stifled a scream as a hand reached out to suddenly take the bag from her fingers.

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26 July 2015

Sunday Snippets-Another excerpt from Leah in Love (and trouble) Beneath Southern Skies Book 3

Beneath Southern Skies- Contemporary Romance set in Australia

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Book 3--Leah in Love (and trouble)
Book 2--A Dream for Lani
Book 1--Lonely Pride
Violet Amelia Connor, known to all as Leah, is a landscape designer who inherited her love of gardening from the eccentric aunt she lives with. Leah is contracted to work on the garden of Private Investigator Sean Russel and unwittingly becomes embroiled in the handsome PI’s cases. A series of unpleasant experiences land her in real trouble where she is kidnapped, bashed, bound and altogether becomes a party to such mayhem she is forced to wonder how she ever got mixed up in this mess. But her indomitable spirit, obstinate nature, and incurable sense of humor enable her to override all obstacles. And of course there is her overwhelming attraction for Sean Russel that started it all.
Previously published as Shrinking Violet this book was a finalist in the Romance Writers of Australia’s Romantic Book of The Year in 2006.
“Well, Josh, that was a turn up for the books. Fancy that—he’s a PI.” Josh gave a pleased grunt as I drove away from Sean Russel’s home.

I was amazed at that piece of news and couldn’t stop shaking my head all the way home. I love PI shows on TV, and watch some of the re-runs religiously. There’s something about a man who goes out and solves crimes that is very exciting and adventurous. I admit I was pleased Russel wasn’t a lawyer. Though Lord knows what difference it made. As soon as I had his garden ship-shape I’d probably never see him again.

I turned into the driveway of the home I share with Aunt Eliza, and Josh let out a couple of barks. How he knows we are home I could never work out—but he does.

When I opened the truck door, Josh jumped down, his tail merrily wagging as he romped into his domain.

“Guess what?” I went straight to the kitchen where I knew Aunt Eliza would be preparing one of her not-so delicious meals. Botanist and expert on everything to do with flora she might be, but cook she isn’t. Never mind, I’m not so hot in the kitchen myself, so don’t complain.

“You married a millionaire and are leaving for Hawaii tonight for your honeymoon?” Spoon held aloft she faced me. Whatever she was cooking had taken a lot of preparation. The kitchen looked like a war zone. She had a knack for using every available pot and pan in the kitchen. Even when she bought new ones she still used the old ones as well.

“Actually, yes, I did get married, but we’re going to Italy—thought the weather would be better at this time of year.”

“That’s nice. But you should have invited me to the wedding.” She grinned, waving the spoon over a shoulder as she went back to stirring a concoction that bubbled merrily on the stovetop. “How did the day go—apart from the wedding?”

I sat at the table and cleared a small space to prop my elbows. “Well, this has been a rather extraordinary day, Lizzie. First of all the client didn’t want me working on his garden—his interfering sister booked the job in his absence. Then he told me to get on with it and keep out of his way. Which I was quite prepared to do, but then just before I left the most extraordinary thing happened.”

“He asked you to marry him?”

“Will you get your mind off marriage? I have no intention of getting married in the foreseeable future. No, he was beaten up by thugs.”

“Beaten up?” That grabbed her. She flopped onto one of the chairs facing me and gaped. “What do you mean?”
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Book 2: A Dream For Lani
Lani inherits a fortune, but yearns for a loving family. The chance to grab that arrives when two youngsters talk her into taking a flat in their house. Their father, Ryan, is intrigued by the air of melancholy about his new tenant. Will Lani find the love she yearns for?

Book 1: Lonely Pride

Sam fell in love with Mac when she was still a child and he a teenager. A special bond formed between them. By the time Sam reached seventeen she was in love with her hero, but one awful night he betrayed that love and Sam was unable to forgive him.

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