13 December 2015

One more Snippet from Amid the Stars--Not your usual Sci-Fi-fantasy. Available at all markets.

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As she stepped through the door opening, one of these copper-haired men turned from a screen he’d been studying. For just a moment, his face looked ravaged by despair—his eyes cold as they assessed her thoroughly.

With a small cry of distress Melanie put a hand to her throat. “Chris!” Her dead husband’s name burst from her lips.

This man she knew must be Reve, the commander of this Starship, resembled her late husband so much she knew she must be going mad.

A small taut pause passed when the air seemed to crackle with tension. “No, I am Reve. You, of course, are the impostor returned from Earth in Irena’s place.” His imperious tone was laced with ice. Yet, at some abstract level Melanie registered the deep timbre of his voice did something weird and wonderful to her insides, sliding over her senses like warm chocolate.

“Impostor! You know who I am. Irena must surely have implanted information in the data banks of the craft that brought me here.” She suffered a moment’s fear beneath his scrutiny as he moved to within a foot of her and grasped one of her hands. She dragged it free. “You look just like my husband. At least your facial features are his.” Fluttering began in her lower abdomen and soon spread to her extremities. “I take it you do know the details of how I came to be here in Irena’s place?”

“Not minutely. I suggest you tell me in your own words.” With a small shrug of impatience, or annoyance, he beckoned her to follow him through a door at the end of the room. After closing the door he pointed to a couch at one side of the chamber.

“Be seated,” he commanded.

It was as deeply padded as the one on the craft, but as she sank onto it, its soft luxuriousness did little to suppress the uneasiness engulfing her.

His unnerving eyes still on her, he sat opposite her.

“First, could you kindly explain why you bear such a striking likeness to my dead husband? How can this be?” Melanie asked, knowing her nervousness came through in her voice, although she was trying her utmost to conceal it.

He shrugged massive shoulders. On closer inspection just his face resembled Chris’s. His luxuriant hair of burnished copper flowed unrestrained to his waist, and every part of his body, from his broad shoulders to his solid chest was so much more powerful and impressive than Chris’s had ever been.

"This is a strong outer space romance starring two delightful star-crossed lovers (literal & figurative). The story line is loaded with earthly and solar action. The support cast enables the audience to understand decisions made especially those by Melanie. Tricia McGill provides readers with a cogent romantic science fiction that is sure to gain her fans from both genres. Great Futuristic Romance."
Harriet Klausner The Best Reviews

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