6 December 2015

Sunday Snippet from Amid the Stars.

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"This is a strong outer space romance starring two delightful star-crossed lovers (literal & figurative). The story line is loaded with earthly and solar action. The support cast enables the audience to understand decisions made especially those by Melanie. Tricia McGill provides readers with a cogent romantic science fiction that is sure to gain her fans from both genres. Great Futuristic Romance."
Harriet Klausner The Best Reviews

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Terrified, and in fear for her life after her husband, an undercover cop, is killed, Melanie Ross has nowhere to hide.
 A squadron from a far planet visiting Earth on a reconnaissance survey prepares to leave, without one of their members who is dying of a virus.
Irena must remain on Earth, so seeks a replacement to take her craft back to the other side of the Universe. Seeing Melanie’s predicament she offers her an escape. Reluctantly Melanie agrees. Conquering her fears, she must learn to live among a superior race on Qindaga.
Reve, commander of the star ship circling their planet, bears an inexplicable resemblance to her dead husband. Passion flares amid the stars, but can love with an alien flourish?

Here's my snippet:

Warm, secure and safe.

Melanie swallowed, grimacing at the bile in her mouth. A taste brought on by terror. She moved her head on the soft padding.

“You may open your eyes,” the now familiar mild voice ordered. “You are secure now. Do not panic as you become aware of your surroundings, Melanie Ross. Nothing, or no one, can harm you here.”

Melanie followed the instructions. The voice was so coaxing. Somehow she knew there was nothing to fear. As her eyelids slowly lifted, the first thing she saw was a blank gray wall. Steel perhaps. There was nothing but this blank wall to be seen and a feeling close to panic hit her.

“Where am I?” she croaked, moving her head to the right and seeing nothing over there but the same plain grey sheet of steel. “Am I in an elevator?”

Melanie hated the things. Had, since, as a ten year old she’d been trapped in one for hours with twelve sweaty, panicked people. Trying to lift her head a dizziness swept over her and she flopped back down with a small groan. “Please, let me out. I hate it here.” The sense of well-being and security fled like a puff of smoke blown away by the wind.

“How can you hate something you have no knowledge of?” the voice queried faintly. “I will give you a sedative soon. It will calm you down. But first we have to be sure you are still willing to accept the challenge and go back to my home. I have very little time. We must be quick.”

“Where are you?” Melanie cried. “Why aren’t you in here with me?” Once again she lifted onto her elbows and stared about. The chamber was about eight feet by ten feet and her mouth went dry. She began to tremble and fear over-rode all other emotions.

“You have no reason to be afraid, Melanie Ross. Relax,” the coaxing voice urged.

“Easy for you to say.” Melanie twisted to put her legs over the edge of the strange bed. She felt light-headed, but at least the dizziness had dissipated. “You might be used to being trapped in this coffin, but I hate it! Get me out!” Her voice screeched.

That same light touch drifted over her brow and suddenly all panic fled. A feeling of contentment began to fill her as she looked about. “Please. Show yourself.” 

“Ah, Melanie Ross, unfortunately I cannot do that. My powers are fading fast
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  1. Creepy and yet...asking me to read more!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Juliet. Does my fear of closed in spaces show through?