30 May 2017

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The Lord of Castlegrove Manor, heir to a vast fortune, is a studious History buff who loves reading about the years following the Roman occupation of Britain. Dissatisfied with running his extensive estate, a distraction from Bart’s boredom is his erotic dreams. No woman but his dream lover will ever offer him the satisfaction he craves.
During one of these dreams Bart wakes up miles from his comfortable existence and in the year 450AD. When he comes face to face with Haesal, he knows instantly this is the woman who has shared so many of his heated fantasies.

Most Celts have fled west to escape invaders from over the seas. Haesal and her brother have been captured by an evil barbarian and Bart comes to realise that his mission is to rescue them and return them safely to their home in Cornwall. Haesal’s belief in shapeshifters and the fairy folk helps her better understand the sudden appearance of this handsome stranger in her life who claims to have a deep knowledge of her. But can the love they find with each other survive through time and treachery?
This book was previously published as Until Eternity.

“This is a wonderfully complex tale about a man in another time. Ms. Mc Gill is at her best describing the settings and making us feel as if we’re in ancient times, with the good and the bad – the deep forest and roman villages, the clothes and food are all brought to life for the reader. The characters are real and their story captivates… Interwoven with treachery and violence, the magic of the Celts, shape shifters and the old songs and legends, this story will sweep you into another time - one that you won’t want to leave!”
Reviewed by Jennifer Macaire for Wordweaving and MidWest Book review
“This is a fascinating time-travel. I was engrossed from the first page. As this is a time period that I also find fascinating, I was enthralled by the day to day details contained in this story. Life definitely wasn't easy for these people. This is definitely a book that I recommend to all lovers of time-travel romance.” Chere Gruver  Simply Ebooks
“What I liked about this story was that it fit the period. I didn't notice any flaws in the delivery of the era, vocabulary of the era, etc. Authentic is the word I'm thinking of.”
Belinda Palmer.
"…a wonderful love story packed with adventure. I'm not usually a reader of novels written in ancient times or any time that takes you out of the present but this is one I'm glad I didn't miss. Ms. McGill has created a great story that will pull you in and hold you captive until the very last page. Her writing style and description of the setting, characters, and happenings make it easy to follow no matter what category of romance you are accustomed to reading. I truly enjoyed this novel and I look forward to reading more of her works." Tonya Ramagos

“Tricia McGill spins an adventurous tale that is full of rich history and a deep and profound love that spans lifetimes. I really enjoyed the travels and the gentle love that blossoms… Tricia McGill's writing style is warm and inviting with lots of great research woven into the story. The characters were believable and the plot well thought-out with many surprises. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves romance and love.”
Maria Desrosiers, eBook Reviews Weekly

“…starts off with a bang, slows a bit in the middle, and then has a super-fantastic ending. It even brought tears to my eyes, and this reviewer is a tough old bird. It is a fascinating read, with its history of England as it was after the Romans had departed. The characters are wonderful, and I had no trouble believing I had been spirited to the distant past with these people. Tricia McGill has been a wonderful job.”
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual Reviewer: Judy Cook
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