24 July 2016

Sunday Snips & Stuff—Kate’s Dilemma is currently on sale till 30th. Here is another snippet.

Kate’s Dilemma (Challenge the Heart Book 3) can he yours for 99c at Amazon US & UK 

“Kate and Liam possess artistic temperaments, and you know that there are going to be fireworks, you just never know how many or what kind.  This is a fun and interesting exploration into love and all its trials.  It starts with a pair of matchmaking siblings, is complicated by a teenaged crush, and is upset by mixed signals, and a sizzling attraction that is hard to resist.  This contemporary romance is a great adventure into the lives of two people who just don't recognize love when they feel it, and are really fighting a losing battle from the start.  Tricia has provided a wonderful cat and mouse relationship, with plenty of sensual overtones.  Liam and Kate are an entertaining pair, and I found this a delightful read.”  ROSE at Romance at Heart
“Time to what?” Kate squeaked. She already knew exactly how long it took for her to fall into his arms. No time at all.

“To grow to like one another. To find that we can’t live without each other. To see that we were meant for each other. To get married and produce a handful of kids.” He stared down at his fingers linked before him. Kate was taken aback by the cynicism rife in his tone. “You get the idea? It’s what they are setting us up for.”

“Oh yes, I’d clean forgotten.” Kate tamped down her disappointment. All right, she had thrown herself at him last night, but she could have sworn he returned her desire—fancied her as much as she had the hots for him.

“But,” he continued after a thoughtful minute. “There’s no logical reason why we can’t pretend for their sakes that we are heading down the path they’ve mapped out for us. We’re two grown-ups. We can take care of ourselves.” One of his brows went up. “We can take care of ourselves, can’t we?”

Kate could do nothing but nod.

“Well, then. What’s to stop us having a bit of fun with them, and enjoying ourselves along the way, hmm?”

“And what exactly did you have in mind when you say ‘enjoy ourselves’?” she asked warily.

“Well.” He rubbed his palms together. “We both agree that we don’t go in for that serious stuff of tangles and commitments, right? So why not enjoy each other. There’s no denying the spark of something between us. Call it animal magnetism, or pure lust, if you will. Whatever it is, we could give it a trial run.”

“Just what are you suggesting?” Kate was beginning to shake and he held up a hand as he studied her face, which was so hot she was sure it had turned crimson.

“What I’m suggesting is that we share a friendship and see how it goes from there. Okay?”
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