19 June 2016

Sunday Snips & Stuff—A snip from When Fate Decides (Challenge the Heart Book 1)

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“More mature characters and a second chance at love are the themes of this book.  The age difference isn't the only obstacle Tessa and Jack will face:  Tessa--who has only been widowed for four months--has two grown children.  Not only will Tessa have to overcome her belief that no man could want her, she'll also have to deal with her son’s disapproval.  Despite the issues they'll have to deal with, the chemistry between them heats up the pages, making this a sensual yet sweet story.” Jennifer Bishop Romance Reviews Today

For too long Tessa has seen herself as plain and dowdy, just
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an ordinary suburban housewife. With her confidence eroded after being married to a bully who humiliated her at every opportunity, why wouldn’t she presume she was unattractive, and someone no man would find the least bit worth bothering with?
But now Tessa is a widow, and relishing her new state of independence. Her world is turned upside down by Jack Delaney, a man she spent hours fantasizing over when he worked for her husband. A man who gave her a deliciously secret outlet from her miserable marriage. When Jack enters her life again, professing he finds her attractive, why would she believe him? Especially as he is now wealthy, successful, still extremely handsome, and to add to that, years younger than her.
This book is dedicated to all the women out there who dream of having a man like Jack in their lives—and to those who are blessed by having one

“Mrs Browning. I don’t know if you remember me,” he said. Oh, how she remembered him, and that rich voice of his. “The name’s Jack Delaney. I did some work here a few years back for your husband.” When she continued to stare at him in shock, he added, “We built the games room and extra toilet and shower room.” He shrugged. “Another guy and me were here for a month or so? You’ve probably forgotten me.”

Forgotten him?

If there was one person Tessa would never be likely to forget, it was him. His voice sounded deeper, but still held that same undercurrent of sensuality that caused her toes to curl.

“I know it’s not exactly the done thing to turn up like this on your doorstep, but I’d like to speak to you about your late husband’s business.”

“Mr. Delaney,” Tessa managed to get out. “Of course I remember you.” Good grief, she was blushing like a schoolgirl; she just knew it. “Please come in.” She stepped aside, ushering him into the spacious hallway.

“Jack, please. I recall you called me that when we met last time.”

Tessa did her best to pull herself together as he smiled, the corners of his eyes crinkling. She guessed he still laughed easily. There was no guile in his expression. This part of him hadn’t changed.

“And you must call me Tessa. We don’t stand on ceremony around here.”

Not anymore. Des would have had a fit if one of his employees called her by her Christian name. But Des wasn’t here. That thought sent a dart of pleasure through her that was definitely wicked.

He wore a very conventional dark suit, and looked as if he’d just stepped out of a board meeting. Tessa recalled vividly how he looked in faded denim shorts, navy blue singlet, and work boots, which was what he’d worn when working here. She recalled too how she’d discreetly spent many hours watching him. Watched his sweat-streaked torso and arms as he toiled beneath the sun. Heat enveloped her as if she was back there, avidly spying on him from her kitchen window.

This thought sent Tessa hurtling back to days in midsummer. Thirty-five that year, and already highly disillusioned with her marriage, the entry of a good-looking young man into her boring existence added some much-needed spice to the dreary days. Jack gave her something to dream about. Heaven knows she’d needed dreams to replace the awful emptiness an unhappy marriage enveloped her in.

She was wearing an ordinary pale pink sundress of washed-out cotton on the day he turned up, looking like an Adonis, rugged and overwhelming. Her hair probably looked a sight too—pulled back in a ponytail, if she remembered correctly. He was so handsome, fit, and full of youthful vitality, that she felt flustered, self-conscious and downright awkward in his presence.

Forgotten him?

It was likely he was forever imprinted on her brain. His brown eyes haunted many of her night time dreams, and daytime fantasies. Jack Delaney, of the black curly hair, muscular body, and easy charm, with the strength and power to make her weak with wanting.

If he was good-looking ten years ago, he was superb now. His hair had been tamed—the curls not quite so unruly, although he still wore it fairly long. It reached his shoulders, whereas it used to be halfway down his back. He seemed larger, broader. Not many men towered over Tessa, but he did. Her height was the bane of her life. Des was always scathing about it, probably because he couldn’t look down his nose at her. Des liked people to feel beneath him. Had loved to talk down to people.

Eyes as dark as chocolate assessed her, and Tessa’s skin quivered beneath their warm scrutiny. He’d always possessed the power to make every nerve ending come alive, and hadn’t lost that power. It was unnerving to know he could still have this effect on her. Tessa wasn’t sure how to deal with this handsome fantasy from her past.

He held out a hand and she stared down at it, in the brief moment aware of his square-tipped fingers and clean nails. There was a dusting of black hairs on the back of his hand, and his white shirt cuff with its gold links contrasted vividly with skin darkened by long hours spent outside.

Tessa put her hand in his, every pulse going into overdrive as he gripped her fingers. It took an effort to drag her hand from his warm clasp. She was achingly aware that her skin was glowing, which had nothing to do with the heat in her house. A strange feeling she couldn’t put a name to was taking her over. No other man ever aroused such a feeling. Not since this one, ten years ago.
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  1. I think the mature romance is great subject, as in real life these stories do happen. It's even more of fairy tale after a bad beginning with relationships.

    Wishing you many sales--