26 June 2016

Sunday Snips & Stuff--A sneak peek at Book 3 in my Challenge the Heart series

Kate's Dilemma is coming soon from Books We Love. 

"This is a wonderfully written love story.  This romantic situation takes place in Australia and the flavor of the dialogue is most captivating.  With each new sentence being spoken by the characters, I found myself caught in an enchanting whirlwind of hearing their charming voices.  It was an endearing quality which I enjoyed so much.  Tricia McGill has the precise recipe for romance and intrigue all within the pages of this expertly written novel."   Patti Oh  In The Library Reviews

What happens when two people who are both of the same mind—this being to steer well clear of emotional entanglements—are struck down by instant attraction.

Kate last met Liam when she was bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding. A gangly, uncertain fourteen year old, going through the painful problems associated with growing up, she took an instant dislike to Liam, who made fun of her. When her recently widowed sister talks her into reluctantly accompanying her to her brother-in-law’s home, which was built by its owner, architect Liam, Kate falls in love with the house and, unfortunately for her, finds that she soon has corresponding feelings for the man who owns it.
Meanwhile, Liam cannot believe that the tall, insecure teenager he met at his brother’s wedding years ago has blossomed into this beautiful, talented woman. His inbuilt antennae that had served him well, stood every chance of being annihilated if he didn’t watch out. 
This book was previously published as Look into Your Heart

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