29 May 2016

Sunday Snips & Stuff—A snip from A Heart in Conflict (Challenge the Heart Book 2)

Sure, opposites attract, but set a flamboyant female up against a man intent on an uncomplicated life and watch sparks fly. 

“This is a fun romp through the fashion world in Australia. How Georgie wins her man and finds her dream job, and how Steve conquers Georgie’s heart, is a fast-paced, beguiling story that kept me turning pages until way after midnight.”—Review by Jennifer Macaire

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“Georgie’s voluptuous charms and vivid style captures more than the executive’s attention. And Steve’s unbridled passion for Georgie leads to a partnership that goes beyond plan or design! This down under charmer by Tricia McGill is sure to please!”—Lynda LaPorte

Opposites attract, it is a well-known fact. At times this leads to insurmountable conflict, when at other times, sit back and watch the fireworks.

Steve Tanakis considers himself cool and calmly confident. Head of a fashion business, he needs to be in control of his life and his business decisions. He decides it is time to find a suitable mother for his son. Through with the pain that comes along with passion, he now considers what he wants is an unemotional wife, one who will fit well into his way of life.
Georgie McNamara, assistant designer in his fashion house, is flamboyant, vivacious, and gregarious, the antitheses to his idea of the perfect choice. The tiny whirlwind turns Steve's organized lifestyle upside down, somehow worming her way into his, and his son’s life, foiling all his plans to find that uncomplicated wife. Along the way Steve comes to realize there is a lot more to this bundle of feminine trouble than he first thought. Is she more trouble than he can handle?

And here’s a snip:

This part of the day was the most difficult to relax in. Once Jimmy and Lucy were in bed each evening they’d sat reading, in what an outsider would see as companionable silence. Well, Steve had been reading, but Georgie was so aware of his long legs carelessly crossed, his fingers turning the pages, that she was lucky if she read two sentences.

“Is Jimmy settled?” She strived to act as if her pulse rate hadn’t doubled.

“Well, he’s in bed, but how long he listens to that atrocious din, is another matter.”

“He’s normal. You should be grateful for that.” She smiled up at him, but he averted his gaze.

“I am. I hope he stays that way. I dread the day when I may find out he’s indulging in one of the more repugnant teenage pastimes.”

“I doubt that day will come. You’ve got a fine son, Mr. Tanakis, you should be very proud of the way you’ve raised him.”

“I guess I am. As you should be proud of Lucy and the way you’ve coped with her problem. Tell me, what do the doctors say about her condition?” He sat at her side instead of in his usual position opposite.

Georgie watched, fascinated, as he finger combed his hair, yearning to copy his movements. Was his rich thatch as soft as it looked?

“We have to see the specialist again in three months. Until then it’s just a matter of staying in the wheelchair, Mr. Tanakis.” Georgie frowned. “They estimated it could take up to a year to heal the inflamed nerves.”  

“Look, don’t you think that under the circumstances you can drop the formality,” he surprised her by suggesting. “You make me feel like your elderly uncle. Call me Steve.”

“Oh I couldn’t.” Georgie dropped her book to the floor.

“Of course you can. It’s simple, just try it.” Steve faced her, wishing he hadn’t when he saw how her eyes were sparkling.

After a brief hesitation she said, “Steve.”

His name on her lips held a kind of magic that startled him as he imagined her murmuring it as a plea while embroiled in the throes of passion. Steve blinked. Good God, she was his employee, if a very delectable one. He should remember that.

Admittedly there were times when she wreaked havoc. Including the mess they’d made bathing that stupid dog.

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