14 February 2016

A Valentine’s Day Sunday Snippet from Leah in Love (and Trouble) Beneath Southern Skies Book 3

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Leah is a landscape designer who inherited her love of gardening from her eccentric aunt. Contracted to work on the garden of Private Investigator Sean Russel, she unwittingly becomes embroiled in the handsome PI’s cases. 
She becomes a party to such mayhem she is forced to wonder how she ever got mixed up in this mess. But her indomitable spirit, and incurable sense of humor enable her to override all obstacles. And there is her overwhelming attraction for Sean Russel that started it all.

As Shrinking Violet this book was a finalist in RWAustralia’s Romantic Book of The Year 2006.

Someone was shaking me—very gently. I muttered a swear word. I didn’t particularly want to come out of the delicious dream I’d been having. Ah, I was still in that dream because the main feature character was saying my name, in a most caring and kindly fashion.

“Yes, Sean, do that again.” That was the kissing he’d just been doing—on places I hadn’t been kissed before. “Mm, that’s nice.”

“Wake up, Leah, please.” The shaking grew more impatient. I wobbled my head and complained when it spun like a top.

“No, go ‘way,” I grumbled. It sounded like Sean, my dream lover, but if I opened my eyes I’m sure I would end up disappointed.

“Leah.” He lifted my head gently, and then stroked my cheek. “Drink this.”

I peeped up. I could only make slits beneath my lids. It sure looked like the man who had been giving me delicious kisses, but I was probably hallucinating. He pressed something to my mouth and poured water between my lips.

“That’s nice, I was thirsty.” I don’t think he heard me, for the words came out on a thread of sound.

“I’ll have to carry you a short way. We have an ambulance waiting on the road.”

Yes, it definitely wasn’t Ron, because if it were he would have slung me over his shoulder like a bag of fertilizer, instead of lifting me as if I was a precious burden.

I decided I liked being toted by this lovely man. I told him so, but don’t think he heard that either, because he didn’t answer. Perhaps he was out of breath through carrying me around. I giggled. He heard that, for he pressed a short kiss on my forehead. I told him I liked that, too.

I was lowered onto a bed of sorts. I didn’t want to be anywhere but in his arms and complained as I felt the bed move. Oh no, I was being taken away from him. I yelled out for them to stop, but it came out similar to a frog with laryngitis.

“Hush.” My hero was beside me again, now holding my hand and whispering unintelligible words in my ear. A door slammed and then another, then the vehicle they’d deposited me in began to move. Ah yes, an ambulance. I rather liked the gentle movement and the stroke of Sean’s fingers on my hand. I would just go back to my lovely dream. I smiled.

“Tricia McGill has developed a winner of a character with Leah. With well-rounded characters, a well-crafted plot and superb, witty dialogue, she pens a book that screams read me. She gives Leah character, a strong personality and the wisdom to not be anyone’s punching bag. I love how she stands up to Sean, and when face-to-face, they really give credibility to this action-packed, engaging read that left this reader breathless. I clapped, I cheered, and I fell in love with the characters, and this remarkable book."  5 angels from Linda L at fallen angel reviews

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  1. Oh Leah baby--this sounds like big trouble...
    Great teaser!

    1. And that's not all the trouble Leah gets into.