3 January 2016

Sunday Snippets: Melanie escorts an alien’s craft to a far planet. Passion flares amid the stars, but can love with an alien flourish?

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Terrified, and in fear for her life after her husband, an undercover cop, is killed, Melanie Ross has nowhere to hide.

A squadron from a far planet visiting Earth on a reconnaissance survey prepares to leave, without one of their members who is dying of a virus. Irena must remain on Earth, so seeks a replacement to take her craft back to the other side of the Universe. Seeing Melanie’s predicament she offers her an escape. Reluctantly Melanie agrees. Conquering her fears, she must learn to live among a superior race on Qindaga.

Reve, commander of the star ship circling their planet, bears an inexplicable resemblance to her dead husband. Passion flares amid the stars, but can love with an alien flourish?

“You would run away from us so soon?” The bland question came out smoothly. He had been acting reasonably well, so why was she so scared?

“It’s not a case of running away. I belong on Earth.” Was she a prisoner here? Yes, for as long as this man decided to keep her on his planet. The saliva in her mouth dried up and her stomach felt as if it had become knotted.

“As I see it you have little to go back for,” he went on as if she hadn’t spoken. “Your life mate is dead. You were being threatened with your life, were in fact a moment away from being murdered by this…mobster. You have no other people of your own family.” He got up, put the tray containing her empty dish and glass on the bench and waved his palm over a red light in the wall. The lot disappeared.

“This is all true.” Melanie pushed her hair back and glanced at him where he stood, long legs astride, hands on hips. Totally at ease and arrogantly sure of himself. “But Irena promised you would take me back if I should want that.”

“That’s true also.”

Melanie nibbled on her lower lip when he stared at her in that strange way that sent odd alarm bells off inside her. It looked as if he wasn’t going to say any more on that subject. “What else did she say in her message?” she asked, for something to break the tension strumming between them.

“That you would make an excellent replacement for her in all ways.” Turning his back on her he began to press buttons on a keyboard.

“Replacement?” Melanie gulped—her shoulders going back as she stared at him. What exactly did he have in mind by that statement? Her throat went as dry as a desert while she continued to gaze at the wide expanse of his back.

"Tricia McGill delivers a good, solid romance with endearing aliens and a slight tinge of suspense. This is a charming futuristic by a fan favourite."
Kelly Rae Cooper for Romantic Times Magazine 

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  1. You've hooked my interest, Tricia! On my way to buy this book.

    1. Thanks Sydell, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.