15 November 2015

Sunday Snippets--Remnants of Dreams--Currently on sale at 99c wherever you buy your ebooks.

Remnants of Dreams is on sale all through Nov. 99c at Amazon, Smashwords, All Romance eBooks, B & N Nook. “This book touched me deeply. I could not put it down. I can honestly say it is one of the best in the genre I have read.” 5 stars. Violet on March 15, 2014 Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

“If you think this is a predictable novel, however, you will miss not only a sweeping story of joy and sorrow, triumph and tragedy, but also an amazing overview of the century seen through a family saga. Tricia McGill takes a bold step into mainstream fiction with this book that flows like a gentle stream on the surface, but conceals a strong undercurrent and unexpected depths.” Mary Allyce.

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Remnants of Dreams begins in North London with Alicia's story. It is 1914, just at the beginning of WW1. Alicia is left with a child when her first love is killed. She eventually marries Matt and they have another nine children. This is the story of a changing world, and takes us through two world wars, following the loves and heartaches of a large family battling extreme poverty. But despite this they are rich in the things that matter--love and pride.
Part two is the story of Sara, Alicia's headstrong daughter. History repeats itself when Sara’s first love is tragically killed, leaving her carrying his child.  Not as fortunate as her mother Sara marries the wrong man because the one she loves is married to her sister. But following her mother's example she finds the strength and courage to face many trials and setbacks before building a new life for her and her daughters, and in due course finding true love.
He traced a path over her body with fingers that trembled. "You're so beautiful," he whispered, a hushed reverence in his tone. "We'll make wonderful music together, you and me. We'll reach the stars and find a world where no one's ever been before." 

"You're quite a poet, Mathew King," she said, her voice shaking with nervousness, and desire.

He drew a deep uneven breath. "I feel like one when I'm with you. I want to take all the finest words that have ever been thought of and put them into a poem to honor you." He laughed, but then grew serious as he looked into her eyes.

"I can't wait to see you big with my child. To see you suckling our babe at your breast." He kissed her lingeringly. "You'll look beautiful." 

"I'll look like a duck waddling along," she said on a shuddering sigh.

"Not you, my love, and don't put yourself down, d'you hear? You'll look like a swan--always beautiful." He cupped her chin and ran his thumb across her jaw. "But enough talk for now, I've been waiting to love you for so long, I'm growing impatient." 

"I loved this story, although there were times when I felt tears welling in my eyes and an enormous lump in my throat. This story touched me deeply, and I won't forget it. Watching a family struggle so desperately is not easy, but seeing them triumph over tragedy is uplifting. I enjoy long, intense family sagas like this. Tricia McGill writes so realistically that the joys and sorrows portrayed made me laugh and cry. This is a novel of great emotional depth." Kay James for Romance Reader at Heart

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