22 August 2014

Tricia's Friday Freebits-More from Mystic Mountains Settlers Book 1


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In the early 1800s the penal colony of Botany Bay was an unforgiving and harsh place. Isabella O'Shea is transported to New South Wales for wounding a member of the British aristocracy who raped her, so it is understandable that she loathes members of the upper class and the system that punished her; sentenced her to seven years transportation.
Tiger Carstairs is rich, ambitious and English-so is it any wonder she is determined to hate her new master. Tiger dreams of making a new life beyond the aptly named Blue Mountains, so called because of the perpetual haze of blue surrounding them.
Mystic Mountains is a story of courage and persistence-traits that were essential for the settlers who carved out a new life in a raw land where suffering and heartbreak were commonplace.
Isabella and Tiger face tragedy and many hardships in their quest for a new life in this untamed land

“Tricia McGill has written a sweeping love story of two people fighting for their places in an unfair world among the wild, untamed vistas of Australia. The strong plot reveals much about the early settlement days of the continent of Australia and is a history lesson in itself besides a sizzling romance. A job well done by Ms. McGill.” Lani Roberts 5 stars ***** Affaire de Coeur

Now here's my six (well, I cheated a bit as two of them are mini paragraphs)

      "Everything you do is my business, Bella my girl, and has been from the moment I picked you out at the wharf. And don't you forget it." Taking the cap from her hand he plunked it on her head, then pulled her forward with a fist on either side of it. When her face was level with his shirtfront he lowered his head until his nose touched hers. "If I had a mind to I could take you right here beneath my own apple tree. Could slake my body's needs on your scrawny body, then take you to my bed every night until I tired of you."
      "Let me go!"
      As she shrieked the order she lifted her hands to thump his chest and the apples tumbled. He released her cap so he could clasp her wrists.

     "Never!" The word escaped like an angry curse.

     When his mouth covered hers she went ramrod stiff in his arms. Her heart, and his own, thumped in unison as they met, chest to chest.
      His tongue probed, and she opened her mouth without resistance. She shivered and he tasted her. He'd never tasted anything sweeter; she was honey and wine, ambrosia. Her back arched and he pressed his aroused flesh hard against the softness of her. Dear God, heat was flooding his loins, a hunger such as he'd never known filled his vitals. Need filled every part of him, a yearning so potent it was like a pain constricting his chest. And she was going soft and yielding. For him. Desire for her, strong and encompassing blanked out all reason. He heard a soft moan and realized it came from her.
     Stunned, he pulled back, his breathing labored. She almost stumbled as he let her go. Staring at her astonished face, at her kiss-swollen lips, he could see she was as amazed as him.
     Why the hell had he done that? What a fool! He'd never intended to touch the chit. He felt as if he'd been stripped bare, made vulnerable. How could he have let her get to him that way? Always he was in control of his emotions.

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  1. Tricia, I totally enjoyed this book, and wish you all the best on your paperback release.

  2. Isn't it funny how sometimes exerting power makes the person vulnerable? Good six!