30 March 2014


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Right up to the time the ship left the docks Sara half expected Dennis to appear to drag her back to that awful house. "I can't make out why he hasn't come round," she'd said to her mother. "I don't honestly think my threats of sending for the police would have scared him."
Even two days out on the ocean when the ship was surrounded by murky water Sara was still uneasy, and whenever someone tapped her on the shoulder she jumped.
"Why we on a boat, Mum?" Rosy asked for the hundredth time as Sara tucked her in her bunk. They were sharing a cabin with a sour-faced woman and her eleven-year-old daughter.
"We're going to Australia. I've told you that already, Rosy," Sara explained patiently. "We're going to visit Auntie Daisy and her family."
"But why? And when we gonna see Gran an' Auntie Vee an' Lizzie again, eh? An' Phil?"
Sara pushed the silky dark curls back from Rosy's brow and kissed her. "One day, love, one day," she lied, stifling a sob. They would never set foot in England again. That thought sent her spirits to the lowest ebb they'd ever been.


  1. The scary beginnings of a new journey. Great Six! Looking forward to more.

  2. Traveling to a distant new world. Scary. . .but filled with hope for a better life.

  3. Good six. Rosy must be young, so the trip becomes even more trying. I'd like to see what they find when the land in Australia.