16 March 2014



"Ah, love." He swallowed hard. "But you're stuck with him, Sara, and I'm..." He lifted his shoulders in a helpless shrug. 

"We could run away together. You, Rosy, and me," she broke in desperately, her eyes widening hopefully. 

"Don't be daft, love." He turned to move away. 

Sara grabbed his arm and protested, "Don't tell me you don't feel something for me. I can see it in your eyes. You feel the same as me." 

His fingers curled about her upper arms as he brought his face so close she could see her reflection in his eyes. "You're a witch, Sara. And you're so beautiful you would bewitch any man with half a mind and a pair of eyes. But don't run away with the idea you can charm me into jumping through hoops for you. Because I won't be in it, do you hear me?"  

She couldn't hold back the tears. She began to sob. His fingers tightened on her arms as he said savagely, "I couldn't ruin the lives of loved ones by being so selfish." 



  1. Nice 6. I want to know the history here. Who is the other man? Are the 2 men related? Lots of questions! I'm intrigued. :)

    1. Aha, Jamie, you should read the book to find the answers you are after. Tricia