12 April 2011

Tricia McGill Australian Romance Author

I've been writing for years (over 20 to be exact) but this is only my second attempt at a blog. (I know, I should be ashamed of myself)
Hopefully I will improve as I get the hang of it. My books cross a few sub-genres, but are all romances. I'm a sucker for a happy ending. My heroes are always kind-hearted and gentlemen at heart. I like to write longer books so I can bring in a few villains etc. 
Although I've written a few modern romances my real love is historicals and time-travels. I strongly believe I have lived a few times before and will live again in the future someplace(perhaps on another world far away).
I was born in North London but have lived in Victoria, Australia for a long time. Most of my modern romances are set here or nearby and one in Tasmania.
My next release is Remy. This is a previously published book that is now a hundred percent better than before thanks to my amazing editor at MuseItUp Publishing. Natisha voted Remy her spring choice, and had this to say, “I fell in love with this story the first time I read it. The characters and settings are rich, and the story is heart wrenching. REMY has an undercurrent of passion that resonated with me. It’s not only a love story set in the past, it’s a journey of two lovers who face challenges and hardships in their attempt to be together against all odds.
I read this story from beginning to end ten times and loved it each time.”
Remy will be released in August at


  1. It is lovely when your editor is excited about your work isn't it! Congratulations for already achieving the Editor's Spring Choice award.

  2. Wow! That is fantastic to have your editor so thrilled with your book. What a lovely review. Remy is definitely one novel I am anxious to read. Looking forward to seeing your cover when you get it, too.

  3. Tricia has been a favorite author of mine since I read her first book from our mutual publisher at the time. She's also a great friend and any successes she achieves are reason to celebrate for me. I'm glad you're back, Tricia.

  4. Your books sound great, Tricia. I love the Australian content.

  5. I've had lots of pets Senator a poodle mix and lots of cats that have wonder up on their own.